Introducing CathPrint


CathPrint is an experienced designer and producer of medical catheters specialized in the Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPCB) technology. A Flexible PCB replaces the wires and carriers used in the catheter industry by copper lines. The main idea behind the use of this technology in the catheter industry is to replace the manual operations required in standard catheter production by the industrial production methods well developed in the PCB industry.

The FPCB technology yields:

  • Strong and reliable catheters
  • Pre-mounted sensors and electronics
  • A strong potential for cost reduction


Why choose CathPrint?

CathPrint has developed its technology to meet its customers requirements through all phases of their project, starting from their concept to the production of their product. CathPrint is experienced in:

  • Design and production of catheters
  • Pressure and temperature measurements using minimally invasive devices
  • FPCB design, sensor mounting and catheter prototyping
  • Electronics design and ANALOG front-end (AFE)


CathPrint technology


ISO Certification